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INTERVIEW with Designer Natassa Sergiadi

1.) What skills are important for a successful career in fashion design?

A lot of people consider that the job of a fashion designer is easy and creative, but the truth is that apart from the lot of knowledge that needed in many areas in fashion, certainly for a successful career the most important skills are to have a restless mentality, without giving up and trying to seek and look for the different and every time to aim a step further. But always, on whatever you do, if you love it, certainly, sooner or later will reward you, and as I love saying: ‘’ Nothing is easy, but also nothing is impossible’’.

2.) How do you stay up to date with fashion?

Mainly, I am staying up to date from websites for professionals in fashion. But, I like searching and reading everything in the web about fashion, such as articles from magazines and blogs, especially, when there is an alternative and out of the box approach to fashion. And beyond of what is in fashion, equally interested in getting informed, are the websites from Universities and museums all over the world.

3.) Please describe your brand.

No matter what is in fashion, I consciously prefer not to follow them and create a unique style that combines seemingly dissimilar styles, actually that is a different suggestion for women in our days. The most characteristics elements of my brand are the influences of ‘50s and ‘60s that they meet the ‘’funky mood’’ and the movement of theatrical clothes, is adopted for the needs of modern women. Furthermore, I think equally important is the clothing construction, where I also prefer keeping a high value in materials and sewing techniques. So this isn’t another industrial clothing brand and that’s why every garment is produced in limited edition.

4.) How long have you been a professional designer? And what is your earliest design memory?

Actually, my clothing brand has lifetime only a year and a half, but since 2006, that I was graduated from fashion school I preferred working as a dressmaker, just because the first time that I was looking for a job was as a designer and due to a bad experience, afterwards, I decided to work as a patternmaker and sewer, that’s a better way to get to know many secrets of the work. But at the same time, my artwork as a designer didn’t stop, especially, in the field of training and education.

5.) When did you first realize you wanted to pursue a career as a designer?

For all women, what actually valid with fashion and clothes the most representative quote is from Kate Spade: ‘’I think that playing dress-up begins at the age of five and truly never ends!’’ This is like for me too, not only the playing dress-up started from a young age, but also the experimentations with fabrics, needles and with all the materials of a tailor. So, after high school, I was already determined about what career I wanted to pursue and that’s what I did!

6.) What role do you think social media plays in fashion today?

Social media have the most important role for a fashion designer in our days! Especially, when a fashion designer has the value of the ethical fashion and based in a country, which isn’t considered as a fashion capital city, is more favored by the fashion industry and the easy way to find, support and collaborate with one are, of course, the social media.

7.) What are your goals as a Fashion Designer?

In general, my goals as a designer are that, all the time, I love learning and create something new and different. Already, there is a lot of unpublished artwork and a lot of goals, but everything needs to come out at the right moment, and at the end, for the goals that will finally be achieved stay tuned…!


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