Nightly Skincare Blog By: Model Jelana W.


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With being an aspiring model, skincare is my most important regimen next to caring for my natural hair and health. I am 27 years old and have had sensitive skin since I was a young child. I was the kid taking oatmeal baths, using aloe vera plants and focusing on all natural products that have non allergenic ingredients in them. 

I focus on the strength of my nightly routine because it is the time where your skin has the ability to soak up as much product as possible. At night you are out of the sun, your body is at rest and you are not touching your skin or applying makeup. 


After a day of makeup, my nightly routine is as follow: 

1. Cleanse with an oil based cleanser (I am currently using the ORIGINS line)

*This is like a pre cleanser/makeup remover for me*

2. Follow up with a deep red clay cleanser (using First Aid Beauty FAB) AS SEEN HERE

*This is the true cleanser that removes all dirt from the pores and really cleans your face. The clay masks are amazing in the winter time. Did she say she double cleanses?? Yes she did! :)

**Side Note** I use a mini face brush called Foreo when I wash my face. Foreo has a bunch of rubber minis that vibrate and help penetrate deeper than your fingers would by simply grazing the surface. This is NOT a scrub brush. Anything with bristles acts as abrasives and really irritate sensitive skin.*** AS SEEN HERE

3. Rinse face, PAT dry (i don't rub/wipe harshly) 
4. Soak a cotton round with witch hazel and wipe face. (GREAT at fading any dark spots, discoloration and acne if and when our skin has "bad days." 
5. Mist coconut water on your face

(I use a brand called everyday coconut. It is pure coconut water.) 


Once the coconut water dries, I begin applying my moisturizers and serum. Serum first! And I always make sure you wait about a minute between each application so that my skin soaks in all the product effectively. 


6. Rub serum onto face and neck

(Currently using the ultra repair serum by FAB) 

7. Rip a small portion of aloe from an aloe vera plant, split it down the side to expose ingredients and rub aloe vera on my face and neck. (Be sure to stray from the eyes and mouth. It does NOT taste good and can easily be licked if put to close to the mouth. It does not harm you, it just doesn't taste good. Also I stay say from the eyes because the skin around the eyes is so sensitive. It should be avoided and cared for separately. I focus on eye creams during my morning routine.) 

^^^^ This step is optional for anyone that may not be interested in using aloe on the skin, however, it is used to heal chronic irritations such as eczema, acne or psoriasis. Overall the idea is protect, protect, protect. This can be done by layering products that prevent and constantly heal the skin! 

8. Lastly, moisturize! Take grapeseed oil and PRESS it into the skin (do not rub) 


That's it! Let your skin soak it up and sleep well!



Here are a couple of my personal tips with skin care...

1. A successful skincare routine is more about the application and less about the product. Much like hair! Don't feel like "more money is a better skin care routine." That's not true. 

2. Persistence is key! Do the same routine every night. Even if you are tired make sure to keep up the hard work. 

3. Be gentle!!! I know some may want to scrub and be rough but rubbing harder is not the equivalence to a deeper clean. 

4. If you have sensitive skin, stay away from products with fragrances. Go non-allergenic or even try pure oils. 

5. Combat oil with oil... Combination with oil... and dryness with oil. No matter what type of skin you have, you should implement an oil. Even if it is just at night. If you have tried this before and your skin broke out then try a different oil. I tried many before I realized grapeseed oil was my saving grace!! 


Lastly, don't give up on your skin! 

Thank you!