"new kid in the city"



Tell us a little about your life, growing up.

Growing up, I was very socially awkward. I naturally kept to myself, and indulged in dreams and fantasies that were in my head. I was very expirimental with fashion and art- which led to some embarrassed memories- but nevertheless helped mold me into who I am now. 


1.) Was modeling always something that you wanted to do OR did it just happen? And how long have you been modeling?


It’s funny, when I was younger I always said I wish I could model and be a model one day, I never knew just a few years later it would become my reality. I have been modeling for about a year now. I’ve worked with dozens of talented photographers, had the blessing of being published multiple times this year, and grown my network base in such a small amount of time. 


2.) Do you have a major goal in modeling you would like to accomplish in 2018? And what would that goal be?


I would love to model for more magazines. I’ve done some small print work this year, but I would love to be featured in Sports Illustrated, and I hope to do a lot more high-fashion based work this year.


3.) What valuable lessons have you learned in modeling, thus far? Any advice for aspiring models?


The most valuable lesson I’ve learned in modeling is to be secure and confident in yourself. People will have many opinions on what you should be wearing, how much you should weigh, and what you look like. You have to be confident enough in yourself and your unique ability to model in order to not let the industry tear you apart. 


4.) What is your biggest pet peeve? 


My biggest pet peeve can be lack of professionalism. Showing up late with no notice, cancelling a shoot last minute, coming unprepared, etc. It’s important to be respectful of others time. 


5.) What’s an interesting fact about yourself that people might be surprised to know?


I did MMA for six years, and have my black belt. I was on a performance team for specialized weaponry when I was only 13. 


6.) Who/what are your biggest inspirations, personally & professionally?


My biggest inspirations are Diana Veras and Barbie Ferreira. They are both up and coming plus-size models that are really paving the way for women. They’re both unique, beautiful, and inspiring feminists.


7.) What are your guilty pleasures?


Guilty pleasures are definitely French Fries! I am gluten and dairy free & follow a pretty strict diet, but I love to give in and indulge whenever I can. 


8.) What is your favorite album/song?


Favorite album right now is Huncho Jack by Travis Scott & Quavo. Every song is a masterpiece. 


9.) What beauty product/ routine would you swear by?


Aztec Indian face mask. Once/ twice a week on your face makes your skin glow for the entire week! 


10.) Describe your personal style away from modeling?


My personal style is usually represented through my modeling, I try to have my shoots/work based off who I genuinely am as a person. I like simple and neutral colors. My friends make fun of me because all my clothes in my closet are color organized from white to black. I like to be bold, yet simple and not overdone. A statement in and of itself. 


11.) What is the most annoying question people ask you?  


If I played basketball in high school. Just because I’m 6ft tall does not automatically mean I hoop!

12.) Any shout outs or last words?


Shout out to Alex Mara, another beautiful and gifted Chicago model. 

John Rodgers