"capture the moment"



Tell us a little about your life, growing up.

 Most of my life I’ve been in Chesapeake

Virginia. I graduated from Indian River High School. I went to a 4 different high schools. Meetings so many new people at a young age I leaned about about people and myself. I leaned how to make new friends quickly, how to adjust in new environments, and how to never be afraid of new things. I have 9 brothers and sisters. We are best friends ! Growing up I was a such a tomboy. I was into sports, running outside barefoot, and wresting with my brothers. My favorite game system was the GameCube and my favorite game to play was Super Smash brothers Malee.  I was that sibling that was the most adventurous.  I was the go to for all questions to present to our parents. I was always the go to for doing things that my siblings were afraid to do. 


1.) Was modeling always something that you wanted to do OR did it just happen? And how long have you been modeling?


Modeling is something that I’ve always wanted to do I’ve been modeling since I was 14 years old. I knew by the time I was 12 years old that I was going to be a supermodel. 


2.) Do you have a major goal in modeling you would like to accomplish in 2018? And what would that goal be?


I would like to walk in New York fashion week, walk in a Black pyramid fashion show, to be signed with a major modeling company and doing major print work


3.) What valuable lessons have you learned in modeling, thus far? Any advice for aspiring models?


A Valuable lesson that I learned in the modeling industry thud far is CONFIDENCE is the most important key. The way you feel about yourself reflects in photos,  in your eyes, and your movement.  The advice I would give aspiring models is to be confident & never give up. Also to never feel like you know It all and be willing to learn new things. LISTEN & take direction well. 


4.) What is your biggest pet peeve? 


My biggest pet peeve is attention seekers and people who can not answer direct questions. I’d rather someone plead the fifth then dance around the answer. 


5.) What’s an interesting fact about yourself that people might be surprised to know?


I am very goofy, I joke all day everyday. I am also very weird. I enjoy things that most people will find awkward. 


6.) Who/what are your biggest inspirations, personally & professionally?


My biggest inspiration is Malcom X. I admire his strength, knowledge, and he was able to have control over his emotions. I am also inspired by Chris Brown. I love his ability to have self-preservation. He continues to use his voice in a positive light. 


7.) What are your guilty pleasures?


I’d rather not say my guilty pleasure because it’s not legal in Virginia.


8.) What is your favorite album/song? What is your favorite tv show/movie?


My favorite album is Heartbreak on a full Moon. “On me” is my favorite song from the album. My favorite movie is “Where’s Monday “ it’s on Netflix. 


9.) What beauty product/ routine would you swear by?


My favorite beauty routine is my skin care. I use Kiehl’s. It’s amazing ! I take good care of my skin and eat well. 


10.) Describe your personal style away from modeling?


My personal style is very urban, sexy, Street fashion. I am a tomboy so I like to be comfortable, but because I have to be presentable so I always add a touch of sexy. 


11.) What is the most annoying question people ask you?  


Do I work out lol it’s just genetics. 

12.) Any shout outs or last words?


Shout out to myself for believing that I would do what I said I would do.  

John Rodgers